FIFA 18 the Ultimate Team tricks

The sinews of the war on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is money. A simple way to earn a lot of credits at the beginning of the game is to activate credit bonuses with the help of FIFA 18 coin generatorYou will then have a bonus of 1,000 credits or more at the end of each game for a period of time, whether you win or lose.

3. Do not sell in a hurry

At the beginning of the game, do not give up your elements on the pretext that the card will not serve you or that the player you just received does not suit you. Always think about going to check the average selling price in the transfer market before selling. Otherwise, you could regret it bitterly ...

4. Recruit coaches

This is one of the small tips that can save money on contracts. Indeed, the more coaches you have in your club with a bonus on trading, the more effective a contract will be. In concrete terms, you can double the number of contracts a contract card gives you.

5. Perform the tasks manager

Fourteen this year on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, the tasks manager can quickly win rewards. This ranges from changing the name of your club to buying a contract element in the transfer market. It's very simple, very fast and it can bring you some credits.

6. Play offline

This is not the funniest thing in the game, but it's interesting, at first, to avoid online clashes, especially if your team is not competitive. Enjoy offline games to earn a few credits, set up a team before trying your luck online.

7. Focus on a team

No need to start several teams from the start of the season. Fix yourself on a team or a nationality, for example a Ligue 1 or a team with only Argentines. The more you know your team, the better you will play and therefore the more chances you have to win games and therefore have credits to create other teams with the help of fifa 18 free points hack.


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