The Mowat Centre would like to inform its many partners and supporters that, as the result of the cancellation of its funding agreement with the Government of Ontario, it will soon be closing. We are currently in the process of completing our final projects, and we expect to cease operations no later than June 30, 2019. Specific Mowat Centre initiatives relating, to the not-for-profit sector and education and skills will continue but will be relocated within other agencies. But the federal government has set guidelines for plain packaging with little branding and strict health warnings. It will also impose restrictions on promotions targeting young people, promotion through sponsorships, or depictions of celebrities, characters or animals in advertisements. In Canada, each province and territory sets the minimum age for cannabis use. Currently, it is 18 in Alberta, 21 in Quebec, and 19 in every other province or territory. It remains prohibited for underage individuals to access cannabis — or for adults to facilitate access.

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Find the dankest strains, concentrates with the tastiest terps, delicious cannabis edibles, and so much more! Our sleek and minimalist cannabis store design allows customers to easily scan for the product they want, ask a danktender for recommendations,, or use our pressure-free, self-service kiosk for easy ordering in cannabis store. Terrasana helps patients along their personal, healing journey by empowering them with education and providing safe access to natural medical marijuana from the good earth. As an award-winning brand with several stores across Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa, London, Kitchener, Oshawa, Collingwood, and more, as well as being one of the original cannabis stores in Canada with the most experienced staff in the cannabis industry; we aim to end the stigma around cannabis through education. We ensure that our stores cater to both the cannabis connoisseur with the most extensive selections available in both THC and CBD as well as the first-time customer.

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Bottom line is that besides abstaining for a decent amount of time, there is no good way to be sure you’re complying with the law – which is particularly concerning when that law is the Criminal Code, and punishments, range from a fine to jail time. The higher the concentration of THC in your blood, the higher the potential penalty. We can expect some legal challenges to this one. Kingston Police has partnered with KFL&A Public Health, The City of Kingston, and Frontenac County Paramedic Services to provide information and education to our community on cannabis. One of the peculiarities of being a cannabis retailer in Canada is that, in all provinces and territories (bar Saskatchewan), there’s only one place a store can get the goods, and that’s through the province itself. Essentially, you and your competitors all pick from the same catalogue—which means that as a retailer, you’re not going to be able to distinguish yourself by selling “exclusive” strains or brands that other licensed providers don’t have.


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