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Happy birthday images for him. I know she's lying. But I can not blame her; in this store, it is always better to say only what is to be said. As for confirmation, she winks at me conspiratorially. I'm quite sure Jack is on top and can be spoiled by two or three girls. The Natascha and the Carol are to be his favorites. Well, I can not care. Let him have some fun before. A look at my Rolex says that it's time: still 7 minutes and 13 seconds. happy birthday pics I push Busty down the little parachute pack. The dark blue with the Goldlettern: "Marriott Resorts, Bangkok". That's what you give Jack. He knows what that means. I'm sure Busty knows it too. But that will be sealed. She knows only too well how Jessy has been.

Happy birthday images for him. In thought, I re-plan the plan once more point by point. To the second, I leave the bar. Outside it is already dark. An icy wind cuts my face. Two isolated flakes. Oh God, now no snow. I can not use traces. Afterwards it can snow from as much as I want. Would even be quite helpful, such a thick snowmobile that covers everything. The Rolex shows: 4 minutes, 23 seconds. I pull the hat deeply in the face, fold the coat collar upwards and go on. Each step precisely counted. Jack, what a name! But who wants to be Friedhelm Heinrich? The Rolex shows: 1 minute, 18 seconds. I humming quietly into myself: Teach me tig ...

Happy birthday images for him. I keep the Rolex in my eye and take my right hand in the secret coat pocket. Feels cold. Even through the gloves. Exactly the moment the sun, with its smoldering glow, lit the pale crescent moon, and then disappeared behind the long-drawn hills, the old labry went out into the garden to his glassy greenhouse. With the ladder he climbed up, drew the black-colored sailcloths from the oblique glass surfaces, which in the daytime denied access to the sunlight and bound them together at the ridge. With an oversized key, he was at the door to the greenhouse, shut it, and scurried inside.

Happy birthday images for him. With his thin fingers, he opened some of the rusted containers, took out pieces of the rare Alraun root, added granulated galban resins and amber, and placed everything in a scratched brass vessel. Powerful, with raised shoulders and close to the table, he crushed the ingredients with the mortar until a fine powder of it. Monsieur Labry smelled the mixture, and cautiously strewed it into the black moorland of his rose-sticks. Then he poured a little stale water, in which broken eggshells swam, over the earth. Together with the fertilizer the water colored blood red.


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