Key Points For Your Report Writing

Report writing is a kind of formal writing that elaborates on a topic. It is different from essay writing in many ways, such as, unlike essays, report writing is always written in a formal tone. Also, report writing is well suited for an explanation of events and cases.

Primary Goal

The primary goal of report writing is that it is readable and understandable by the readers. Write a report in such a way that it can be evaluated. If a writer keeps the primary goal in mind, it will be easy for him or her to write each section of the paper. However, if it is difficult, one can always hire "write my essay” online services.

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Before writing, the writer should identify the target audience. Your audience would be your instructor or professor if you are writing for an academic purpose. Jargon and technical terms need to be explained if your audiences have a different discipline or field. Your report should be clear and simple so that all audiences can get the main idea.

Title and Abstract

The most vital parts of the report are the title and abstract. These must be well written since they attract the readers. Your finding must be reflected in your title and the abstract. The abstract should be concise, and not more than 200 words. The aim of the report should be included in the abstract. You need to explain why your research is unique among others.

Table of Content

Depending on the length of your report, including a table of content may not be optional anymore. If you have written a long report, or your report has a lot of sections, figures, and tables, you must include a table of content. Since reports are mostly written for an audience that is already familiar with the terms and concepts of the topic, a table of content will help them quickly navigate to the section of choice in case they want to skip reading the complete report or revisit a particular point or section.

Executive summary

The executive summary is a very important part of a report. The executive summary and introduction are quite different from one another. In the introduction, one provides an introduction to the topic of the report; whereas, in the executive summary, one gives a brief overview of the report. In the executive summary, the essay writing service should give the main points of the report, and present the key points of the report. The executive summary should always be written in consideration of the part of your audience who will not have the time to read the entire report. It is also important to only explain the bare minimum in the executive summary, so that the audience may get the idea; but those who have time to read the entire report may not suffice from the summary alone.


All reports start with an introduction and it should contain all the necessary information to inform readers what is going to happen in the report. The issue or the problem must be included in the introduction along with the significance of the research. It must be clear and concise to motivate the readers to read the report.

Body of Report

All evidence, claims, and facts should be included in the body section. It also includes all the theories and equipment used to get the desired results along with the diagram of the apparatus used, methodologies and strategies, and the differentiation between the present and the past work. Charts and graphs are used in the report to make it understandable for the readers. Cite the sources used in the report, and avoid plagiarism to ensure its authenticity. Without providing personal opinions and comments, including all the data of the experiment.


The conclusion includes the interpretation of the data and the results. The predictions are also included in this section, along with the weakness of the experiment to increase the credibility of the report. Since readers focus more on the title, abstract, introduction, and conclusion, all the parts must be well structured.


Another part that is not necessary for the essay, but is a recommendation in the report. Since you are writing a report on or of something, it is important that you may also give your recommendation on how to improve. Recommendations should be brief, and if possible, written in bullet points. Optimism should not be adapted while writing recommendations; only the feasible points should be included.


The different sources which have been used in lab report writing must be cited properly. Determine the citation style and format before writing. The most commonly used citation style is the APA format style. Once you are done with references, edit and proofread the entire report. A good essay writer or report writer is aware of all referencing and citation styles before writing a paper.


Although not necessary, including appendices sits well with the theme of the report, as it allows easy navigation around the report. Also, all those extra materials that do not directly relate to your body or findings, but have a secondary relation must be included in the appendices.


Re-checking your report is very important; as the nature of the report is extremely formal, it is of utter importance that one may not have any grammatical, syntactic, or other mistakes. It is, however, recommended that you hire a paper writing service for such reviews, as they are cheap and will help you eliminate all the possible mistakes.


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