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What's more, they are all people from other places. They can justifiably ask the people of Baihong Shenfu to go to the city to ask which family has been harmed by them. When the people of Baihong Shenfu can't find out, they can say that the other side is bullying the small by the big. I think the big faction that pays attention to reputation will not touch them. However, he did not expect to come to Xie Gongzi. He is not afraid of Baihong Shenfu, but he is afraid of Jiu Ye. Although they are small trash fish who are not involved in disputes in Jianghu, they have heard of the name of the Ninth Master. The Ninth Master doesn't care whether they are right or not, and doesn't care whether they bully the small with the big or not. They do things all by joy and anger. The relationship between Mr. Xie and the Ninth Master is very close. If one of them can't bring the Ninth Master here, they all have to explain. He looked closely at Mr. Xie. Xie Liang has a good temper and says, "In that case, it's really a misunderstanding." Hao Yidao felt a slight relief in his heart and said hurriedly, "But my fourth brother really shouldn't have beaten someone. Well, I'll treat you to a drink another day and make amends for this little brother." Xie Liang nodded happily: "OK." When Hao Yidao saw that they were leaving, he said politely, "It's rare for Mr. Xie to come to our small place. Why don't you go up and have a drink before you leave?" "No, another day," said Xie Liang with a smile. Then he took his men with him and left. Tangyuan wanted to interrupt several times, but Qin Er held it down. He held it all the way until he got home. "Don't believe it," he said hurriedly. "That little girl must have been robbed!" "I know," said Xie Liang. "Do you want to fight?" Asked Jin Lai. "No," said Xie Liang. "I think we can fight,digital signage screen," said Jin Lai. Several people nodded beside the dumplings. The ten people who followed Mr. Xie were the elite of Tianhe Pavilion, and it was absolutely no problem to hit Hao Yidao. "I know, too," said Xie Liang. But the terrain is really steep, and can not be foolproof, even if the loss of one, he felt a loss. "Then what are we going to do?" Asked Jin Lai. "You can do your best," said Xie Liang,digital signage kiosk, "and take me to a restaurant in the city." Jin Lailai several people immediately with one voice: "-what?" Xie Liang patiently analyzed it. Not long after the Shaolin incident, the other party knew who he was just by listening to his name, indicating that they had been sending people to keep an eye on the news in the city. This may be the result of their habits, but at this juncture, Xie Liang felt that a large part of the reason was that they knew that Jin Lai had left the villa, and they were worried that Jin Lai would invite the people of Baihong Shenfu. So recently, the stronghold is absolutely heavily guarded. If there is a little trap on the top, they will lose more than they gain. Jin Lailai was not too stupid and said, "So let them relax their vigilance first?" Xie Liang said, "Well, if they really come to invite you to dinner, you should." Jin Lailai, a few people understand. "Let's go and look around the city," said Xie Liang. Jin Lailai several people with bitter faces: "We have no money..." "I have, temperature screening kiosk ,smart interactive whiteboard," said Xie Liang with a smile. "I'll treat you." They made a lot of money in the bell and drum city, as the maker of the plan, he also has a dividend, plus he wants to mix rivers and lakes, Dou Tianye they will give him more money, he is very rich. Jin Lailai and several people followed him down the mountain happily. Three days later, Hao Yidao came to treat. The two sides had a lively meal at the largest restaurant in the city. Jin to come to a few people although stupid, but somehow are the second generation of ancestors, the dinner party on the wine table or will, Xie Liang also took out the communication ability of the president of the student union, such as a meal down, he has been able to fraternize with each other. By the way, he also said that he would stay here in the near future, because Jin Lailai and their parents did not agree with them, and he had to be responsible for persuading people to go home. "If I can't persuade him," he said, "I'll bother to take care of him in the future." "No problem!" Hao Yidao said briskly, "Don't worry, brother, that kind of misunderstanding won't happen again." Xie Liang said with a smile, "Of course I can trust my eldest brother's character." As long as Hao Yidao thought of the Ninth Master's wife calling him "Big Brother," he felt that he had a special face when he said it. He was not satisfied with a meal. He shouted a few words and drank it another day. When he heard that he agreed, he went back. When Xie Liang had finished with them, he gave an order to the people of Tianhe Pavilion to inquire about the cook of Yidao Mountain Stronghold. He had wanted to ask in the city about the incident of a knife cottage, to see if there is any use, the result is that people do not harm the people here, it has to use other ways, but it is not all without harvest, at least know that take the cottage can get a sum of money. The people in Tianhe Pavilion are very reliable. A few days later, they asked that the cook who cooked for the village was an old widow in the village, saying that it was not easy to get along with her, and that she had taken advantage of her neighbors by relying on the relationship with the village. Xie Liang was surprised. "Does she live in the village?" Jingrui said, "Most of the time she lives in the village. Her son and daughter-in-law live in the village. She occasionally comes back to see her grandson. I heard that she loves her grandson very much." "What is the relationship between her son and daughter-in-law and the village?" Asked Xie Liang. "There is basically no friendship," said the elite. Xie Liang understood. The cook relies on the cottage to take advantage, but in fact also feel that the cottage is not good, so do not want the family and the cottage have too much intersection, it seems that the feelings should not be deep. "Go and tie up her little grandson," he said. There was no hesitation at all in Tianhe Pavilion. Accustomed to the Ninth Master at ordinary times, they had seen all kinds of shameless things, and most of them had done them. After listening to one sentence, they knew the meaning behind it: "What medicine do you want to take?"? We got it in advance. "Laxative," said Xie Liang. Tianhe Pavilion turned away and quickly tied up the man, threatening the young couple to kill him if they dared to report to the official, and then asked the cook's son to call the cook down on the grounds that "the grandson had a fever and was clamoring to see his grandmother", telling the cook to drug the people in the village. If you are not obedient, we will chop your grandson into pieces and return them to you. Don't think Hao Yidao can vent his anger on you. "Elite said,face recognition identification," If you don't believe me, go and ask about it and see if they dare to provoke our son. " "Our son also said that if you do this, you will get half of the money on the cottage!" The cook's panicked eyes showed a glimmer of greed in an instant. The elite drove the man away and went back to reply. hsdtouch.com


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