Handsome Men Square (Full Version + Extra Chapter)

Mei Guo in the moment he quit, the heart was also emptied, when she felt a trace of panic, was mercilessly filled through, a loss and a gain, almost burst into tears. He moved faster and faster, tightened his body, and pushed all the desire into the deepest part of her body. He was soft and close to him. He felt suffocated and rushed in and out. He watched her bite her red lips and endure the state of moaning. He couldn't stop, and he wanted to smash her. In his deepest entry, he held his breath and his body trembled uncontrollably. A stream of heat made her body tighten, her legs kept twitching, and the uncontrolled moan finally overflowed from her biting red lips, but was quickly blocked by his lips, her coquettish singing, his low panting, crushed between her lips and tongue. All movements stopped in the carriage, only two people breathed rapidly. She fell softly on his broad shoulders, looking sideways at the small steamed bread still sleeping soundly, and then turned to look at his handsome cheeks, with the satisfaction of love on her face. He kissed her sweat-stained cheek, hugged her body tightly, and leaned against the wall of the corner of the carriage. Years of lovesickness and days of resentment turned into wind,outdoor digital signage displays, leaving only love for her and more desire for her. Two people stare at each other, the eyes are love, lips are gentle smile. No one is willing to speak to break the quiet full of warmth. For a long time, the deep and shallow breath slowly calmed down. She felt him retreat a little bit in her body, with a trace of itching, hugged him tightly, and asked in his ear, "If you had to choose again now,face detection android, would you want me or the next day?" He smiled, stroked her red lips with his fingers, and his eyes were too thick to melt. "Of course it's you." Mei Guo's eyes slowly oozed tears and kissed his lips. "We went around in a big circle." He took a deep breath and patted her on the back. "It's not too late." Chapter 075 children's teaching problems. In the distance, after the second watch, Mei Guo coaxed the small steamed bread to sleep on the soft couch, turned around, and saw Mo Fan sitting behind the desk with his eyes closed and his eyebrows slightly restrained. The red candle on the table was knotted with candle flowers, and the flame was beating, which made his handsome face bright and dark, and more and more handsome. A gust of wind was blowing, and the candlelight was dim and bright. She took his robe on the screen and went to the desk. Mo Fan slowly opened his eyes and looked at her through the bookcase. Mei Guo smiled at him, went around behind him and put her clothes on his shoulders. "Didn't you sleep last night?" In her memory, he always slept very little, and it was too much for him to go on like this. After sleeping for a while, Youer fell asleep. In order to leave Puguo earlier, he finished his business overnight and wanted to sleep in the car, interactive whiteboard prices ,temperature check kiosk, but with the unexpected episode of Meiguo, there was no sleepiness along the way. Well, I went to sleep. Meiguo pointed to the acupoints on his neck and slowly slid to both sides of his shoulders until his arms were massaged with the right weight. "National affairs are important, but the body is more important. When the body collapses, nothing can be done." She was a student of medicine, and she had some research on massage. At the end of the day, she was so comfortable that she half squinted and smiled. She used to be a person, and she didn't care about her health. Now that she has a wife and children, it's really time to think about it. Turning his head and looking at the snow-white little hand kneading on his shoulder, his heart softened into cotton. The wayward and unruly little girl in the past has now become so considerate to her husband that she shook the little hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, I'll take care of it." The arm suddenly withdrew. Mei Guo suddenly lost her balance, and before she had time to stand firm, she was thrown by him and fell into his arms. He leaned on his chest, felt the temperature coming from his chest through his thin shirt, and sighed, "I don't know when there will be such a day again." He locked her eyes and frowned slowly. "It won't be long. This time I joined hands with Yi Feng to invite Yu Huang to Pu, which is to discuss the matter of moving to Beijing with Pu Huang and Yu Huang." "Move the capital?" Mei Guo was stunned. Well, do you remember the demon who took your body? At the end of the brows and slowly tighten. Mei Guo shivered. "I remember." "She got on the body of the cold palace snow, and she was the only one who fit with the cold palace snow." At the end of the light sighed, a moment of carelessness, leaving such a disaster. Mei Guo's heart suddenly jumped, so that the cold palace snow will soon recover, "that." "We can't find the Dragon Ball. You can't control the Black Dragon Rider to fight against her White Dragon Rider. Now the Three Kingdoms are fighting alone. None of them is sure to win her. Even if they are lucky enough to win, there will be countless casualties and the people will suffer. So today's plan is to twist the Three Kingdoms into one and suppress her arrogance, so that she dare not act rashly and continue to look for the Dragon Ball.". But the three kingdoms are far apart, the information is too slow to come and go, and it is easy to be attacked by the cold palace snow. So in the past few years, I have secretly sent people to build a new capital at the intersection of the three kingdoms. The three countries all moved their capitals to the new capital and took care of each other. Mei Guo lowered her head and thought for a moment. She shook his hand and said, "I found the Dragon Ball." Mo Fan's eyes flashed with surprise. "What did you say?" "The Dragon Ball has been found." At this time, we should not hide him any more and let him take a long detour. Surprised and delighted, Mo Fan shook her hand and pinched her with some pain. "Really?" Mei Guo nodded with a gloomy look, "but in order to save me in the last life of the Dragon Ball, he lost his black dragoon, and the devil was the one who hurt him." At the end of the eyes a little bit of joy faded, shook his head with a wry smile, then relieved, "all right, as did not find it.". Don't let your mother know about it for the time being. Mei Guo nodded, grateful for his consideration, did not ask the whereabouts of the Dragon Ball, secretly determined to find the whereabouts of the Black Dragon Rider, not only for the people of the world, but also for Pei, "Don't worry, I will find the Black Dragon Rider." Mo Fan smiled, "without your news, I always try my best to find it, but I can't find it. Instead, I'm depressed.". Now that I know the result,touch screen digital signage, I can let go and no longer have illusions about those external things. And you don't have to be suspicious of me anymore. Isn't that a good thing? Mei Guo is very happy. With his words, his heart is bright and bright. The knot between her and him, is not because of this black dragoon and knot. hsdtouch.com


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