The next wife of the president of the Empire

Yi Huan smiled helplessly and then followed the driver to carry his luggage into the villa. Shortly after entering the villa, a black car stopped at the gate of the villa and one person got out of the car. A man with a sharp, sharp, beautiful, tall and slender figure. It is Wen Xu, the president of the Empire! I'm going to be a bridesmaid all day tomorrow, and I guess I'll be busy! So overnight code out of the three chapters, big people to continue to support ha ~ Mody, love you, but also love our long comments wow ~ ~ Text you and I work hard, let the heart blind date. The interior of the villa is white, with tables, walls, chandeliers, and handrails on the stairs. The main color of all the furniture is supported by white. Then, in the white sky, you can see pale orange striped curtains, dark orange sofa cushions, and even several orange goldfish in the fish tank. In this unusually clean and white world, the orange that embellishes one place after another is dazzling and abrupt, but it is also unusually warm. When Yi Huan walked into the villa,Agate Slabs For Sale, he saw such a scene. The designer's design is very good. This is her first recognition. After the driver left, Yi Huan carried the suitcase and stepped on the spiral gray-white stairs to the second floor. After tidying everything up, she got up and planned to clean the villa inside and outside. Walking to the door, she reached out to open the door, and when she saw the man standing outside, she was intuitively stunned. Outside the door stood Wen Xu, who did not know when to come in. When he saw Yi Huan who opened the door, Wen Xu looked light. There was not the usual hatred and anger on his face,grey marble slab, but there was not much joy. He just looked at Yi Huan, who was in the same place, quietly and indifferently. Two hearts, because of some inexplicable hope, quietly waiting to approach, but because of some personal grudges and build a solid barrier, can never be blind. So, so naturally, there is a kind of extremely subtle feeling, in the two people look at each other in the line of sight, quietly flowing open. After a while, Yi Huan came to her senses, and her eyes burst into a little smile. "The villa is well designed." At this time, Yi Huan's smile is real and her eyes are vivid. Wen Xu is slightly stupefied, his intuition does not look at the other side of the white mirror. Through the mirror in the mirror platform, White Marble Slabs ,Agate Slabs Countertops, Wen Xu saw himself slightly uncomfortable. His appearance, a bit to cover up, more like in escape, escape now standing in front of him smiling extremely natural Yi Huan. After more than ten years of being at daggers drawn and frowning coldly, Wen Yan is really unable to adapt to such a quiet way of getting along. So he didn't start. Yi Huan did not see hatred and anger in Wen Xu's eyes, so she laughed with complete relief. Looking down at his watch, it was already noon. Wen Xu probably took time to come here during the noon break! This recognition made Yi Huan feel inexplicable warmth, so she took the initiative to open her mouth, "Have you had lunch?" "Yi Huan, find a way to make me fall in love with you!" Last night's words let Yi Huan once again summon up the courage to work hard, in this relationship that always needs her initiative, she carefully stepped forward again, once again trying to love. Wen Xu finally could not bear the discomfort in his heart. Before, he had considered giving Yi Huan a chance, but he was not used to it after all. So, he looked at his own figure in the mirror, directly pulled away the topic, asked lightly: "Where is the knife?" Yi Huan suddenly hesitated without any trace. Sure enough, it's just for the knife! Eyes flashed the next moment of loss, Yi Huan looked up and smiled as much as possible, "After arranging things here, I will pick up the knife in the afternoon." Wen Xu nodded in silence. Although his face is perfect, but once silent, it will give people a kind of almost cruel indifference and ruthless feeling. Now Wen Xu is such a state, Yi Huan felt. It's okay. Take your time. Yi Huan encouraged himself in the bottom of his heart. She raised her hand to tie up her long hair and said as she walked, "If you still have time, you can stay for lunch." Looking at Yi Huan slowly disappeared at the end of the slender figure, Wen Xu's eyes were quiet, but the fundus was thin and cool. Yi Huan, the man named Wen Xu is waiting for your confession. If you can't really confess in a limited time, he will not hesitate to take back all the opportunities given to you now and put you into a place of no return.. When Wen Xu tidied up all his thoughts and went downstairs, he happened to see Yi Huan serving the dishes one by one. He stood in silence at the top of the stairs, watching Yi Huan's every move. Undeniably, Yi Huan's expression was undoubtedly happy when he was planning to cheer up and love Wen Xu again and cook for him. So, looking at such Yi Huan, Wen Xu's heart actually inexplicably floated a little bit of sporadic warmth. He came to the table and sat down. Looking at Wen Xu did not leave, Yi Huan's heart was sincerely happy. She stretched out her hand and carefully placed the bowls and chopsticks in front of Wen Xu. They are chopsticks made of logs and bowls made of ceramics. One of Wen Xu's dining habits-if you want him to eat happily, the first condition is that you'd better not let metal and plastic tableware appear in front of him. Obviously, Yi Huan did it. Then, in Wen Xu's faint eyes, something seemed to light up faintly. This woman named Yi Huan seems to be able to remember his preferences and habits forever. The warm afternoon sun came in through the windowsill and hit the steaming dishes on the table. A man is very elegant and quiet with those dishes, beside him, a woman in an apron quietly lowered her eyebrows and watched the man eat, with a gentle and quiet expression. This is a beautiful picture that is so warm that it almost makes people cry with joy. Then it seemed that after a while, Wen, who had been bowing his head to eat, said lightly without any emotional fluctuations,Grey Marble Slab, "You should know very well that I am not used to people standing beside me watching me eat." Ah, she was stunned by that picture, and she almost forgot Wen Xu's habit. So Yi Huan nodded and planned to turn around and leave without any nostalgia.


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