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At the door of Shuiyou's entrance to the drugstore, a man in black, carrying a bag, rushed out with a red face and a thick neck. He almost hit her. What a reckless guy! Shuiyou dodged and made way for the man. She was only thinking about her medicine now. She didn't pay much attention to the man's whereabouts, so she hurried into the drugstore. Standing in front of the counter, Shuiyou felt that her breathing was not smooth. She looked at the salesperson at the drugstore and hesitated for a long time without saying a word. What medicine do you need? Or where is it uncomfortable? The waiter felt that the lady in front of him was very beautiful, blushing and shy, and seemed to have unspeakable secrets. That one Luo Shuiyou took a breath and said in a low voice, "It's the kind of prevention, prevention.." Luo Shuiyou's face Teng red, pregnant two words only said one, how also could not say, she felt to suffocate. Birth control pills? The waiter didn't feel anything and said it directly. Ah Luo Shuiyou covered his mouth and looked at the waiter for a long time. Then he nodded, shook his head hurriedly and whispered, "It's urgent." "Emergency contraceptives." The waiter put Shuiyou to shame. Her voice was so high that all the people who came in heard the words "emergency contraceptive". Luo Shuiyou could only nod again. How long has it been? The service eye continued to ask. What? How long? Luo Shuiyou stared at the waiter. I mean, the time you spent with him.. Embarrassed, Luo Shuiyou wants to reach out to strangle this waiter, this also wants to ask? If it takes a long time, you don't have to come, just wait for your belly to be big. Last night.. Luo Shuiyou felt that Venus was coming out in front of him, and the waiter did it on purpose. Oh, wait! The waiter turned around and seemed to be looking for medicine. She suddenly thought of something,uns c68700, patted her head and looked at Luo Shuiyou sheepishly. I'm sorry. I just forgot. One of the customers bought all the emergency contraceptives. Why don't you go to another drugstore? Did you buy it all? Luo Shuiyou opened his eyes wide, not so coincidentally, who wants so much medicine for what? It is simply hateful, that the person who bought the medicine is hateful, the waiter is even more hateful, since there is no, but also ask her so much to do? With her little hands clenched into fists, Luo Shuiyou turned around shyly and strode out. As soon as she left the door of the drugstore,uns s31803 sheet, she breathed a long sigh of relief, as if the atmosphere in the drugstore was very stuffy. In the corner, Ma Gao took the phone and said in a low voice, "Young master, you guessed it. She did buy that kind of medicine. Now she came out empty-handed. Several drugstores in front of her have gone to buy it all. But the car can't hold it. Yes, young master, I'll ask them to arrange people in the drugstore right away and threaten them directly not to sell it to her." Will Moyudu. Ma Gao gasped and looked at the medicine that the bodyguard had loaded into the car. These things were not good to eat or drink, and there was no place to put them. They had to be disposed of by a drugstore. Aunt, what's wrong with giving birth to a baby for our young master? Don't buy it. Buy it again. I don't have enough manpower. Ma Gao looked at Luo Shuiyou's back and muttered. Luo Shuiyou went into a drugstore again. This time she was not so embarrassed. When the waiter came over, she pretended to be calm. An emergency contraceptive/pregnancy/medicine. When people are mature, this kind of thing will happen. The occasional absurdity is allowed, and there is no need to make a fuss. As a result, the waiter blushed as if she had just arrived and whispered to Luo Shuiyou. There was a man just now, and he bought it. "Sold out again?" Luo Shuiyou looked at the waiter awkwardly, and the waiter nodded. Shuiyou helplessly walked out of the drugstore, white marble slabs ,x56 line pipe, and went to four drugstores, the result is the same, emergency contraceptives sold out. Wipe his sister, no, Luo Shuiyou walked out of a drugstore and sat directly on the side of the road, she had no confidence to go on, and then she had to faint. What if I can't buy it? Shuiyou looked at his stomach, will not be so coincidental, in the blue family dress up Sofia undercover, also happened several times, although it happened to be a safe period, but this time it will not be so easy, perhaps the boy is just in vain, in fact, incompetent. Luo Shuiyou had to give up, she stretched out her hand, stopped a taxi, because let Dongsheng urge too fast, she can not retaliate against Lan Xuanye for the time being, and so on to find the opportunity, she will go. After getting into the taxi, Shuiyou went straight to the police station. Ma Gao was sweating profusely. When he saw Shuiyou getting into a taxi, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. As long as the effective time of the emergency contraceptive was over, he would rest easy. He hoped that her belly would be pregnant directly to the young master. Lan Xuanye put down the phone, stretched himself and sat up. He glanced at the picture of the woman at the head of the bed and smiled slightly. You must think this young master is incompetent to dare to take a taxi to leave, ha ha, to tell you the truth, as long as your land can be planted, this young master's seeds are absolutely no problem, blossom and bear fruit, you wait for the blue family to carry on the family line. The woman in the photo was still smiling. Lan Xuanye nodded with satisfaction: "This young master likes to see your attitude. When you pass the door, I will spoil you." Putting on his clothes, Lan Xuanye went to the window, gently pushed it open, and looked out of the window. On the lawn, Lan Maimai sat on the swing, bored, and the maid stood on one side with her head down. The little lady must have lost her temper again. Taking out a cigarette, Lan Xuanye put it in his mouth and laughed thoughtfully. If he created an opportunity for the fake mother to see her daughter, he would be particularly affectionate. 3 more Chapter 241: It is difficult to be a man with both sides. Updated: June 11, 2012 8:54:20 Words in this Chapter: 2996 On the lawn, Lan Maimai seemed very unhappy. She must miss the fake Sophia very much, right? Lan Xuan night touched his chin, perhaps it is time for Lan Mai to appear, this muddy water, the more people Wade the better. Love ester to scold "Luo Shuiyou, are you a cold-blooded animal?" Lan Xuanye closed the window, turned around and walked out of the room,316 stainless steel plate, went downstairs, went straight to the lawn, and finally stood in front of Lan Maimai's swing. forustone.com


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