Heaven cannot be bullied.

I also remember this famous saying, remember the second half of that sentence, said "when his lover is waiting for him", but she intentionally or unintentionally said the word "wait" as the word "find", the difference of one word is also vivid. "Why don't you compete with her for favor? I think you are more attractive than her." "Is that what a secretary should say?" She took me by the hand. Yes, can a secretary say such a thing to his leader? I blushed when I made a slip of the tongue. She followed up the victory by saying, "To put it mildly, you don't respect the leader; to put it seriously, you are slandering your leader!" Then he giggled first. This reminded me of a piece of hearsay, which was similar to the current situation, so I said to her: "When we were still in the people's commune, there was a big leader who went down to the grass-roots level to inspect the work, raked the grass and beat the rabbits, and had a good time by the way.". Later, he had a conversation with his old friend, which was very popular and widely circulated, and is still fresh in his memory. Do you want to hear it? "Let's talk about it." 'Good. The old friend asks him, common people go whoring a wind,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, how to return a responsibility? He replied, "Those who break the law and commit crimes should be brought to justice.". Ask again, where is the commune leader? Answer: Morally corrupt, give disciplinary action. Ask again, where are the county leaders? Answer: Belong to life style problem, education is guided. Ask again, where are the leaders at the prefectural level? Answer: Life needs,large artificial blossom trees, do not pursue. Ask again, what about leaders like you? Answer: The job needs! "Oh, the official secretary, this is the need of life." She said, "Punishment does not go up to the doctor, courtesy does not go down to the common people. It is said that some people compare themselves to Cao Cao.". Cao Cao is a prince, three palaces and six courtyards are not too much, not to mention a woman surnamed Zhuo! "Isn't it a bit too much for you to go to the secretary's office and attack her unscrupulously?" I say I said'some people '. You should listen carefully. Besides, it was the secretary of some people who led me to say so, so I said it. Can you blame me? "Well, I can't beat you, and that's it." I say. I know that Ms. Ye Bingqing in front of me is an outspoken person who speaks freely, which makes people like her and have some scruples. I didn't know what else she could say, silk olive tree ,large ficus tree, so I said something specious and looked at her and smiled. She might have sensed what I was thinking, so she stood up and said, "Well, I won't be poor with you. I don't have a guard on my lips. I'm not poor enough. I can't afford to make trouble for you." "It's not that serious. If you need any help in the future, just ask." "Your trouble is yet to come. See you later. Bye-bye!" She waved to me, pulled the door open and went out. I hurried out, and Zhuo Shui also came out from Huan Haichun. Ye Bingqing and Zhuo Shuinu smiled at me and whispered to me that Ms. Zhuo was ready to come and go. Zhuo Shui looked at me, then at Ye Bingqing, and then looked at himself, his police uniform, very Zhou Zheng, there is nothing to make people laugh at. So she looked up at me and said, "What are you laughing at? Am I that funny?" Ye Bingqing and I said in unison: "I didn't laugh at you, I didn't laugh at you." Ye Bingqing said and turned away. Zhuo Shui made a ha-ha with me, pulled the door of the official secretary, turned around and walked away. He happened to meet Shen Jiwei who was passing by. Zhuo Shui said sorry and went downstairs. Shen Jiwei looked at her back until she disappeared at the stairway entrance. Shen Jiwei turned around and asked me, "Is that Zhuo Shui?" I said yes. "It is indeed beautiful," he said significantly. We smiled at each other and he went upstairs. 12. Investigation notes Secret Mission I gathered the members of the working group together to sort out the work during this period. Everyone talked about the situation of each group, and I said, "From the investigation of each group, I have a feeling that the occurrence of this incident is not accidental, nor is it so simple.". There may be something dark behind it. They also have the same feeling. They feel that the masses in Wuyou City are resentful, and the cadres are also angry. When we look for cadres to understand the situation, the cadres are always hesitant and evasive. They are either resistant or unwilling or afraid to tell the truth. "Well," I said, "I have a strong feeling that the political and social atmosphere here is not quite right. What can I say? To put it a little higher, the people's hearts are scattered and the political style is not correct. Professional experience tells me that in such a political atmosphere and social atmosphere, the main leaders of this place probably have some problems. I took a look at everyone and said, "I have been engaged in discipline inspection and supervision for a long time, and I often come into contact with the dark side of society. It may be that I worry too much." Everyone talked for a while, and they basically agreed with me, so I boldly predicted: "The focus of our recent investigation is the Wuyou incident. The more in-depth the investigation, the more materials we have, and the more doubtful points we have.". This Wuyou event is like a chain. It seems that there is a heavy net under it, sinking to the bottom of the deep water. At present, we do not know its depth, nor do we know what is in the net. But judging from the information we have, if we follow some clues, we will inevitably touch on people and things that violate the law and discipline. If so, our work may face a severe test. Let's discuss what to do next. After discussing for a while, they believed that the investigation of the Wuyou incident and the pacification of the masses should be done well first to solve the urgent problems of the local people. As for the net at the bottom of the water, whether or not to move it and when to move it depends on the attitude of the higher authorities and the progress of the investigation and handling of the incident. In this way,artificial coconut palm trees, the meeting set the focus of work for a period of time in the future, clarified their respective tasks, and we carried out our work separately. hacartificialtree.com


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