Flower God Handsome (through, supernatural, magic, strong) Author: Sanjin Ruyu

Not only that, but with the familiarity of the spirit of the flame flower, Li Yingjun also developed another ability. He found that he could infuse the spirit of each flame flower with the power of nature, making it form a fireball magic, but not stimulate it, but store it. Wait until the time to use and then one by one quickly inspired, so that as long as prepared in advance, he is equivalent to nine more fireball attacks! It was like carrying a nine-shot pistol with him, which gave Li Yingjun not only a sense of pride in being armed. In addition, he learned to control the size of the fireball, and when he lit the fire again, he only released a small fireball the size of his thumb, so he didn't have to worry about blowing up a pit in the fireplace. It can be said that with this small level of magic, Li Yingjun's life and mentality have changed a lot, but also let him personally experience the benefits of power, meditation every day more diligent. That morning, Li Yingjun had just got up when he heard someone shouting outside the gate of the courtyard. When he went out, he saw several hunters from the same village. Everyone was carrying bows, arrows, machetes, skins and other things. They were all ready to go hunting in the mountains. This is before the appointment,bottle blowing machine, Li Yingjun has already been ready, the moment on the back of Uncle Hope's bow and arrow, with a machete, waist with a bamboo basket, set out with the others. It was the first time that Li Yingjun had gone into the mountains with the village hunting team. There were three people with him. One was Hank, who was familiar with him. The other two were two sons of Lamb's mother-in-law, Lynn and Mabel, who were several years older than Hank. After entering the mountain,PET blow moulding machine, Li Yingjun followed the three men. At first, Hank thought Li Yingjun was a child and did not have much strength to climb the mountain, so he deliberately slowed down. But gradually they found that even if they accidentally accelerated the speed, Li Yingjun could still easily follow behind. At that moment, in surprise, everyone looked at him differently. No wonder you can kill a wolf at a young age. Lynn, the oldest, walked in the front. He turned around and said something to Li Yingjun with a smile. Then he turned around and quickened his pace. Brother Hank was in front of Li Yingjun. He was the most familiar with Li Yingjun, so he introduced to Li Yingjun all kinds of things that should be paid attention to when he went hunting in the mountains. He looked at Li Yingjun's face all the way up the mountain without changing color. He was surprised and said with a smile: "You boy looks thin, but your strength is very long!" Li Yingjun said with a smile, "Brother Hank, look at the wild things in the mountains. Those who run fast are not all thin. Those who are fat will only be beaten!" A word made Hank laugh. Talking and laughing, a group of four people quickly crossed a hill. At this point, everyone stopped talking and began to concentrate on the surroundings as they walked. Because there are more pheasants and hares here. From time to time there is a noise in the grass cage, who is the nearest is who lives, water bottle packaging machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, other people lie quietly, watching this person gently take the arrow string slowly approaching, an arrow shot past, everyone is happy for him, did not hit will also feel sorry. The sun gradually climbed, the other three people more or less harvested a little prey, only Li Yingjun has not yet opened. Hank smiled and comforted him. "It doesn't matter, Carl. The first time you hunt, it's basically like this. You'll get used to it." Li Yingjun nodded helplessly. Although he had the power to surpass ordinary people, he could not compare with the hunters who had accumulated years in hunting. Nowadays, his perception ability is generally only effective within a dozen meters nearby, and it is not very effective far away, so he can not find prey earlier than others. But before long, Li Yingjun finally got a chance. There was a cunning hare in a Bush five meters away from them. When Lynn and others passed by, it not only did not run away in panic, but hid quietly inside. So Lynn and others did not find it, but Li Yingjun found it with his keen perception. At that moment, Li Yingjun walked behind Hank's eldest brother with a motionless look, but his hand was stretched out to the bamboo basket on his waist. "Whew!" A pebble was shot out by his quick shaking hand, through the Bush, in the middle of the hare's forehead, and immediately died! The three men in front heard the sound and turned to look over, only to see Li Yingjun running over happily, taking out a hare from the bushes, touching it again, and finding a pebble to put back in the bamboo basket on his waist. Hank looked at the prey in Li Yingjun's hand in surprise. He stretched out his head and looked at the bamboo basket he saw. He asked curiously, "Little Carl, you killed a rabbit with a stone?" The matter of beating prey with stones was not so strange, so Li Yingjun admitted it. This kind of thing hunters have encountered before, so it is not difficult to accept, but others are just lucky, the head just met, like Li Yingjun such a stable head is very rare, so the other three people can not help but show admiration. Hank eldest brother is laughing to say, little Carl has such ability, already can be regarded as a qualified hunter! Three people walked for a long time, but came to a forest, here Lynn deliberately turned to remind Li Yingjun to pay attention to the foot, follow them do not walk around, because here will begin to appear large prey, but also to the hunters set traps in the area. After entering the woods, Lynn and the others checked several traps that had been set before, but nothing happened. But then they went some distance deeper and were surprised to find a male deer falling into a pit under a tree. The stag was still alive, and when he saw the man coming, he struggled in panic, but he could not escape anyway. Lynn and Mabel happily took the rope to the edge of the pit and prepared to rope the buck up. And Hank and Li Yingjun are on guard. Li Yingjun watched Lynn and Mabel rope the deer's antlers and legs, but at that moment, he suddenly felt a surprise in his heart and sensed the danger around him,juice filling machine, so he did not want to shoot the stone he had been holding in his hand like a low Bush beside him. "" There was a dog-like, sheep-like scream from the bushes, which immediately alarmed all three of them. gzxilinear.com


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