Imagine the eternal night

Mmm! My ass hurts! They are not wrong. The figure of pursuit and slaughter is really good! Why do you want to hit others! Up to now, Qingxue, who has not made any mistakes, is muttering in the bottom of her heart. I don't stand out, I don't stand out, ignore me, ignore me, a couple are also secretly murmuring in the bottom of their hearts. Polav looked around. Although he felt something was wrong, he didn't know exactly what it was. He looked at his confused wife and his equally strange companions. As the president of the Purgatory Mercenary Regiment, Polav opened his mouth and said, "Qingxue!" "Ah!" Qingxue, startled by Polav's sudden opening, almost did not jump up. Um. Qingxue, what's the matter with you? Originally we did not feel what happened, now looking at the appearance of Qingxue almost did not jump up, the fool knows that there is a problem. Ahem, it's all right! Discovering everyone's confused eyes, Qingxue coughed gently and sat down pretending to be calm. Don't worry? Qingxue, do you look all right? Asked the seductive and curious frown. Without waiting for Qingxue to speak, Faith, who had been silent with a black face, suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Of course!" "Well.." Looking at the sudden interruption of faith,inflatable amusement park, let alone seductive, almost everyone looked at Qingxue and faith in an instant. Qingxue, you and faith, what's going on? Lily of the valley became curious. Don't worry Qingxue, who had decided to rot what had just happened in his stomach, said that he was going to die. Are you all right? Everyone was embarrassed, and suddenly, Polav turned to look at a couple who had been unresponsive. Pursuit, what about you and slaughter? You seem to have some problems,Inflatable 5k obstacle, too? "We?" Pursuing the black lines all over his face, butchering the corners of his mouth, he looked at each other and said in unison, "We're all right!" Are you all right? By the way, what the hell are they doing? Everyone who was curious could not help but gossip in the bottom of their hearts. Qingxue looked at everyone's expression and knew what everyone was thinking. Can't let everyone think any more, purgatory mercenary regiment is not a fool, even if a person can't guess in a short time, maybe it will let everyone you a word I a mouth to get the truth out, so, Qingxue directly changed the topic. All right! Stop gossiping! Let's get down to business! Qingxue pulled out the topic with a straight face. In other words, Qingxue is the think tank of the Purgatory Mercenary Corps, just now this sentence seems to be no problem, but in fact has begun to let everyone forget what just happened. Why? It's very simple. The sentence "Don't gossip" corresponds to the fact that there may have been a joke just now. The boring time is OK, but don't care too much. At the same time, the following sentence "Let's get down to business" deepens the impression of the sentence just now. According to Qingxue's understanding of everyone, generally speaking, Inflatable water park factory ,Inflatable outdoor park, if you say so, then nine times out of ten, you will get by. Sure enough, Qingxue saw everyone shrug their shoulders directly and stop talking. I seem to believe it. Of course. This is not unrelated to the fact that the pursuit and slaughter are extremely coordinated. After all, in everyone's mind, jokes are jokes, business is business, the two can not be confused! Thanks to the habit of the Purgatory Mercenary Corps, when joking, one is more fierce than the other, and when talking about business, it becomes serious in an instant. Qingxue coughed lightly and straightened her face, because, this time, the task they had to do was much more terrible than before, yes, terrible, because no one would ever do it, but Qingxue dared to do it, and the reason! Qingxue's habit is that she only wants the best! Not the best. She doesn't want it! Her lover believes so, looks handsome, gentle and considerate to her, but tough and cold to outsiders, this character is the most attractive to Qingxue. Purgatory mercenary regiment is the same, each member of the mercenary regiment may not be the strongest, but it is the most suitable! Now, Qingxue is going to do one thing. No, it shouldn't be one thing, but it should be said that she wants to challenge the system thoroughly. Not to exploit the system's vulnerabilities, but to completely manipulate the system! Just like the previous test! Yes! Although the previous reception of Storm City was to complete a mission, she also found a new goal! Originally, this goal is quite difficult to achieve, but now, it seems that the opportunity has come! "Poof!" "Poof!" "Poof!" "Knock!" "Knock!" "Knock!" "Click ~ ~!" "Click ~ ~!" "Click ~ ~!" The sound of water spraying, the sound of being frightened to fall off the sofa, and the sound of the chin falling because of excessive opening, sounded one after another. Everyone's expression of horror was directly pleasing to a certain think tank of the mercenary regiment. Qingxue reached out and poked her lover's body, which was also frozen, and laughed playfully. I said, do people have such a big reaction? The laughter of Qingxue is as clear as a silver bell, but it makes everyone feel like hearing the burial bell! Finally, after a brief silence, faith was the first to react! At the same time, it is extremely rare to use foul language. Shit! Snow, what the hell do you want to do? With the reaction of faith, everyone suddenly came to their senses and jumped up and shouted. Yes! Qingxue! What do you want to do? Bomb to Dalaran? Oh my God! Are you crazy or am I crazy? Lily of the valley felt like she was going to faint. Sister Qingxue, what are you thinking about? Why did you bomb Dalaran? Sacrifice night Ji is also anxious. As the marshal of Storm City and one of the directors of MI7, she was promoted, but she was too aware of Dalaran's position in the world of Azeroth. Mage Holy Land Dalaran, the name is not white mix, every NPC mage in the world of Azeroth has a very special feeling there, now,Jumping castle with slide, Qingxue actually said to blow up there? Oh my God! What's wrong with the world? Watching everyone jump in front of him, Qingxue is not in a hurry, still smiling at everyone.


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