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Ghost Fire Strike: Ghost Fire Chop upgrade, area damage, 10 (percent) chance to stun the enemy, after acquiring this skill, Ghost Fire Chop will be automatically cancelled, requires level 52, requires learning points 10, reputation 2000. Two lines of fonts appeared clearly in front of Chu Chen's eyes. Sure enough, Gui Yan Chop is not a good thing, just a temporary gift. Chu Chen heart secretly try to figure out, learning point Chu Chen just enough, and reputation Chu Chen is not lacking, directly to learn all the two skills. Congratulations to the player for learning Evil Force and Ghost Fire Strike. The prompt of the system came again and again. There's another thing I need your help with. Just as Chu Chen was about to leave, the ghost sword teacher said. "Uh.." Chu Chen heart a tight, if replaced by the previous, or other people's words, after hearing the ghost sword teacher actually took the initiative to release the task to himself, nature is very happy, but now Chu Chen's purpose is very clear,65 inch touch screen, just go to the Ice Moon Empire to practice, and the stone of transmission has already been carried by ice, it is estimated that ice will return to the Ice Moon Empire today. When the time comes, let the ice directly use the transmission stone to pass back, and then take himself and Chen Yingjun and others to the Ice Moon Empire together, so that the ice will return the transmission stone to himself, then he will also have the transmission point of the Ice Moon Empire,75 inch smart board, it will be much more convenient to go to the town of Nersov, and at this time the ghost sword teacher gave Chu Chen the task, for a while, let Chu Chen slightly embarrassed. Because Chu Chen did not know that after he refused to accept the other party's task, would it cause the Ghost Sword Instructor's favorable impression of himself to drop, if it really dropped, then the last task would be done in vain, losing a medium-sized diamond gem in vain. What is it? Finally, struggling in his mind for a while, Chu Chen chose to listen to what kind of task the Ghost Sword Instructor would want to accomplish. A few years ago, when I was traveling in the mainland, I lost a first-class ghost swordsman's exclusive blade, Broken Soul. I hope you can help me find it. With the words of the Ghost Sword Instructor, interactive panel board ,interactive flat panel display, the system prompt sounded in Chu Chen's ear: "Do you accept the task of the Ghost Swordsman Senior Promotion Instructor to find the broken soul?"? The task requires a period of 1 year, and the reward is??. 1 year? See this deadline, Chu Chen heart suddenly long to breathe a sigh of relief, fortunately, this deadline is wide enough, otherwise, Chu Chen is really very helpless to choose to refuse. At the same time, Chu Chen also very sensitive to notice the ghost swordsman exclusive blade these words, presumably, broken soul must be a very advanced weapon. If you don't find it and return it to the Ghost Sword Teacher. Will that happen? Chu Chen believes that when other players receive such a task, they will certainly have such an idea in their minds, after all, if a good thing will be kept for their own use, the reward after completing the task will not necessarily be a good thing, just like Chu Chen's last task. With tens of thousands of gold coins of medium-sized diamond gems in exchange for 20 W experience and 5 (percent) good feeling, whether this is a loss or not is a matter of opinion. All right, I promise! Chu Chen chose to promise under the system prompt while replying to the ghost sword instructor. All right, look forward to your performance! After leaving the senior promotion hall, Chu Chen went directly to the Golden Burial Pavilion and chose a place where the dragon did not have Chu Chen's own foothold. The Golden Burial Pavilion became a temporary stronghold of the shadow. At the moment, the King of Qin had come back, because the ice had returned to the Ice Moon Empire two days ago. His nest was in the Ice Moon Empire, and a lot of things naturally needed to be done back to the Ice Month Empire. Chapter 999 keeps pace with the times By this time, Rainbow and Shadow had completed the transfer task and returned to Longdu. The last one to come back was Shadow. According to him, there were too many people who transferred to Death. There were at least five people who rushed to transfer with him. No wonder he was the last one to transfer successfully. Really? So many people have reached the fifth order? I can't believe the tunnel. Don't be surprised, even the sixth order is several! Chu Chen said lightly. "Huh?" Everyone was surprised, although they knew that the sixth-order mage was sixth-order, and there might be one more blue wolf that they had never seen before, but was there anyone else who was sixth-order? As far as I know, there are at least three. And I've seen the Blue Wolf! Chu Chen nodded. Everyone and even the broken sky did not take a deep breath, the highest level of the broken sky is only 53, the distance from the sixth order is still far away! And now there are three people of the sixth rank, how can they mix? Especially in a month after the upcoming mission of Hell Demon City, those people of the sixth rank will definitely fight for the gun, even if they can't use it, they will never let others get it easily! "So, we may not even be able to squeeze a toe into this mission of Hell City!" Chu Chen said helplessly, although the light of the artifact is really dazzling, but now the situation is no longer the original situation in the ghost ship, at that time only one fire cloud evil God reached the fifth order, and the original strength of breaking the sky is still one of the best, there is still room to mediate with the fire cloud evil God. But now it's not at all. The gap above level 7 makes it completely impossible to fight alone. With the strength of the shadow now, you can only play with the seven deadly sins at most. There's still a long way to go to keep up with the Black Hawk. If you stand at the gate of the Hell Demon City with three six ranks, no one else can even touch it. It seems that once again I have no chance with the artifact. Breaking the sky shook his head and smiled bitterly. You guys are pretty good. Why do you have a legendary weapon on hand? Look at me? Not a single feather,interactive panels for education, and the archer's artifact is not yet born in the womb! Rainbow is even more depressed, the ranking of equipment in the shadow, he belongs to the countdown. Are we just going to give up? We still have the Hell City token in our hands! Chen Yingjun said unconvinced.


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