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"Even if I have the eloquence of Su Qin, it is not enough for my predecessors to clear up their doubts," said Qin with a calm expression. Fortunately, the truth has already come to light, and the old Escort Master Han has explained everything, which is far more difficult to express than the following words. "Father," said Jin Peng angrily, "there's no need to waste words with him. The boy once saw with his own eyes that he lured Miss Yao to a hut in the mountains.." "Don't say anything, please, take this boy down first!" The old gold dart master shouted angrily. Several strong men were walking forward when they suddenly heard Xiao Jiao scolding, "Who dares?" Jin Laodaozhu had heard on the way that besides Yang Yao, there were two young girls, Xiao Jiaojiao and Huang Xiaoyu, in the Hufeng Escort Agency. The girl in front of me did not know which one. So Old Escort Master Jin asked, "Miss.." "My surname is Xiao," replied Xiao Jiao proudly. Old Escort Master Jin looked angry and said with a smile, "Miss Xiao's father is Master Xiao Hanyue." "Yes, it's my father," said Xiao Jiao. "So Miss Xiao is the granddaughter of the Seven Princes?" Asked Old Escort Master Jin. Xiao Jiaojiao shook her head and said, "I don't know. I've never heard the two of them mention it. The younger generation still has a grandfather who is a relative of the emperor." "Of course, of course," said Old Escort Leader Jin with a smiling face. "Princess Zhu voluntarily gave up the imperial title and wandered around the world with Master Xiao in a commoner's hairpin. It's a much-told story in Wulin. How could she cherish the memory of her past splendor and wealth and show off her past family background to Miss Xiao?" Unable to hold back, Jin Peng whispered, "Dad, let's finish our business first,plastic bottle making machine, and then it's not too late to make friends." Old Master Jin answered and said to Xiao Jiao, "According to Peng'er, Miss Xiao once spoke out from a sense of justice and stood up to testify that this fanatic surnamed Qin had committed atrocities. Why did she protect him today?" "Have I ever testified against Brother Qin?" Asked Xiao Jiao. "That man is a fake!" "Who pretended to be Miss Xiao?" Asked Jin Peng in surprise. "How do I know who she is?" Xiao Jiao said angrily. "Not only did she pretend to be me, but she also pretended to be Brother Qin, whom she identified." Jin Peng snorted coldly and said, "How is that possible?" Xiao Jiao said with a straight face, "Brother Jin doesn't believe me. Why don't you ask Uncle Han about them? Naturally, everything will be clear." Before Jin Peng could decide, Old Escort Leader Jin shook his voice and said,PET blow moulding machine, "Good!"! Let's go in and ask Han Bohu! "They went out last night and haven't returned yet," said the man at the door. If Jin Peng realized something, he said angrily, "Dad, Uncle Han is not here, but they want us to ask Uncle Han. It's clearly a loose talk!" Sure enough, Old Escort Master Jin's eyelids sank. "Miss Xiao, aren't you?" He asked. In a fit of pique, Xiao Jiao refused to be outdone and said, "So what?" Old Master Jin said angrily, Humph! Whether you are the daughter of Master Xiao or the granddaughter of the Seven Princes, since you have intervened, don't blame me! Everybody, let's do it! Several strong men are famous escorts in Jinling and are quite famous in the south of the Yangtze River. As soon as he heard Master Jin's order to do it, he immediately swarmed up. Before Qin could dissuade her, Xiao Jiao had already made a preemptive strike. Determined to give the other side a blow, she showed no mercy, only to see her palms together, PET blowing machine ,PET bottle Mold, left and right bow. The two strong men bear the brunt, and before they could make a move, they were hit face to face by a delicate palm, and they stumbled and fell away. Several strong men in the back were shocked and angry. They shouted in unison. They didn't know what the girl's identity was any more. They attacked her with their fists and hands. Xiao Jiaojiao was "trapped" for many days, and as soon as she got out of the palm, she felt that her hands and feet were not very flexible. Fortunately, the other side and her prominent family background, did not dare to preempt the launch, she was attacked by surprise. At this moment, several strong men launched a fierce attack, she has felt powerless, can not help but secretly frightened. But she was a willful girl who tried to be competitive and was not willing to show weakness. She still clenched her teeth and reluctantly met the enemy. Fortunately, Qin was oblivious to the onlookers and had noticed that she was powerless. The girl is bound to suffer if she doesn't make a move at this time. In fact, Xiao Jiao Jiao is too capricious and strong, let her suffer a little, kill her arrogance. But then a thought, Xiao Jiao Jiao is strong for him, how can he stay out of the way, do nothing? Although Xiao Jiao managed to resist the fierce attack of several strong men, she was panting as if she were at the end of her strength. If you don't make a move at this time, when will you wait? Qin selfless suddenly deceives the body to go up, the hand is like electricity, the double palm is faster than the lightning attack, several strong men have not yet seen clearly, what palm method he used, has fallen to the ground one after another. Old Escort Master Jin was a bystander, but he didn't see it clearly. He was dazzled. Several Escorts he had brought with him had been beaten to pieces and fell to the ground, black and blue, and in a mess. He couldn't help being angry and shouted, "Come on, bright guy!" Several strong men on both sides of the separation immediately showed their weapons one after another. Jin Peng also drew his sword in his hand, opened his eyes angrily, and approached step by step. "There's no need for Miss Xiao to intervene," said Qin in a hurry. "They're coming down for me." Xiao Jiao felt exhausted, nodded slightly, and stepped aside. Qin forgot to know that she could not support herself, otherwise she would never be so obedient. In order to make a quick decision, he flashed his red-haired sword. Jin Peng did not know the origin of this sword, but when he found a hut in the mountains and angrily wanted to kill Qin, he was rescued by Yang Yao, who cut off his sword with this sword. Therefore, they not only have seen it, but also know its sharpness. As soon as he saw Qin show his sword, he was startled. "Be careful," he said to several strong men. "The sword in this boy's hand can cut gold and jade. It's extremely sharp!" Several strong men secretly startled, suddenly move forward. It happened that there were those who did not believe in evil. A middle-aged strong man stood up in front of him and untied a pair of meteor hammers from his waist. His voice was like a loud bell: "Oh?"? I'd like to see it! Old Master Jin was afraid that he would make a mistake, so he said, "General Manager Dong, be careful!" It turned out that this man was surnamed Dong or, nicknamed Meteor Chaser, and now he is the chief escort of Weiyuan Escort Agency. A pair of meteor hammers are made of fine steel, each with 16 catties, plus the steel connection between the two hammer handles, totaling no less than 50 catties. Usually, people who use this kind of weapon do not dare to weigh too much,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, at most about twenty catties, but Dong or a pair of meteor hammers are so heavy, which shows that his arm strength is amazing.


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