Upper raiders by Mo Ling

These pictures are very consistent with the records in the booklet, and it was not until the seal of the Rainbow Sword was sealed later that something changed. A woman in blue, suddenly appeared in the seal circle, the seal was forcibly interrupted, the people who carried out the seal were eaten back, and several people fainted on the spot. The person that has not fainted, loudly interrogate that woman, what is the woman trying to defend, but the reaction of those people is bigger. The quarrel lasted for a long time, and Wu Huan looked impatient and urged Rong Zhao to move on. When the picture changes, the woman in blue is holding a stone in a trance. From the soul stone.. Wu Huan exclaimed, is this woman a member of the Ye family? After a while, she sighed, picked up the pen in front of her and began to write on a blank book. She left that book, too.. Again, some people were talking about something,Edible oil filling machine, and finally someone left with the man who had the rainbow sword before. There is no important information in the following pictures, which are all scenes of reconstruction after the fall of the Xiling Empire. Rong Zhao continued to walk forward, the picture flashed, some flickering, and finally stayed in a secret room. That secret room, Wu Huan is very familiar with,liquid bottle filling machine, is the place to release the soul stone. The woman in blue came in from a place where the picture could not be seen, put the soul stone in her hand in the central position, and the soul stone slowly floated into the air. The woman in blue looked up at the stone in silence, her lips moved slightly, and almost at the same time, Wu Huan heard the sound. I don't know who you are, but when you see these illusions I set up, you should be the one I'm looking for. The sound was ethereal, as if it were separated by mountains. Wu Huan: "…" What's going on? Rong Zhao: "…" I do not know Don't be surprised. It's just a fantasy I left behind. You'll hear my voice when you get to the end. The woman quickly explained. Wu Huan pursed her lips tightly and stared at the woman in front of her. She stood in front of her, but her eyes passed through her and looked behind her. Your arrival here proves that the magic weapon has begun to revive. The cause and effect, I have explained clearly with the illusion. I don't know if you have the heart to save the world, water bottle packaging machine ,CSD filling line, but you have to remember that if the magic weapon is not destroyed, the world will collapse. "There is a way to destroy the magic weapon in the book and the soul stone." The woman's voice suddenly broke, "I don't have much strength …" Hold. You decide. Rescue.. The sound and picture suddenly stopped, the surroundings fell into darkness, and for a moment they Pure Brightness again. They stood outside the stone gate, and the distant scenery was exactly the same as when they came in. Wu Huan and Rong Zhao looked at each other. What the hell is this? She just came to get a soul stone. Why did she see such a strange picture? The magic weapon is none of her business! What is salvation? She does not destroy the world is good, who wants to save the world ah! Chapter 68 double eleven should be added more. Wu Huan took out the book and the stone from the soul and looked at it, but he didn't see why for a long time. Where is the way to destroy the magic weapon? Wu Huan felt that such a magical thing should be done by Chu Yunjin, she was just playing soy sauce to watch the play, for Mao to give her such a play! Wu Huan irritably gave both things to Rong Zhao, "I won't look at them, I'm bored to death." Wu Huan's goal is very clear, she will not do this kind of thing that she thinks is meaningless. The fall of a continent was meaningless in her eyes. Perhaps everyone will say that she is heartless, but Rong Zhao does not think so. If she was really heartless, she would not have given him the soul stone and the book at the same time. Rong Zhao checked carefully again, also did not discover what, be forced to follow the hair of Wu Huan first. "Go out first." It's not always safe to stay in someone else's place. Uh Wu Huan answered absentmindedly, and his thoughts did not know where to go. Rong Zhao could only lead her out dutifully. When he came in, he was furious. How old was he? Why was his anger gone? When I went out, it was not very smooth, and I met the master of the Ye family who went back to the house. Wu Huan has been wandering, and has no consciousness of being caught at all. Wu Huan did not say that Rong Zhao naturally would not lie like her, saying that he saw the scenery here is good, specially come in to watch. He killed the Ye family directly, simply and crudely. Ah, there it is. "Wu Huan suddenly made a sound, and the cool breeze in her ears made her shiver, and she looked around in a confused way.". Rong Zhao held Wu Huan's head shaking from side to side. "Don't move." They're flying at high speed now, okay? This dead woman is not afraid to fall. Wu Huan quickly grasped Rong Zhao's skirt and lay on his shoulder. "How about we send this book to Chu Yunjin?" He said with shining eyes. Such a thing as the Savior is not the need for such a'talent 'as Chu Yunjin? "Where is the Soul Stone?" People said very clearly that the method of recording is in the soul stone and the booklet. Is it useful for you to send a booklet? Wu Huan's face stiffened, and she certainly wouldn't give Chu Yunjin the Soul Stone. Her time is running out, and she can't make any mistakes from the soul stone. What do you say? I'm not going to do that kind of boring thing anyway. You're the sword of creation. You're responsible. I'm not. Wu Huan is not happy to hum. It's hard for her to protect herself now, and she won't even kill her if she does such a dangerous thing. I didn't say I was going. Where on earth did she see that he wanted to save the world? He is the sword of creation, yes, but he has no feelings for the world. Let a sword spirit bear such a responsibility, this woman's thinking in the end is how long. Then throw it away? Wu Huan is very irresponsible to encourage Rong Zhao. Rong Zhao: "…" Without waiting for Rong Zhao to answer, Wu Huan directly pulled out the book from Rong Zhao's arms and threw it away. Dropped. It's. It's. Rong Zhao looked sullenly at the book that had fallen below,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, and he hadn't agreed yet! Do you want to move so fast! Forget it. It's impossible to get it back anyway. So the two men went back to the inn heartlessly. The story of the city of wind and snow has spread all over the city of Ci'an, and now the city is in chaos, and those who should run are almost running. gzxilinear.com


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