Are you ready to migrate your Office 365 mailboxes?

Do you find migrating your Office 365 mailboxes a little daunting?

If so, it may be helpful to follow some simple steps to simplify the process.

Here are a few migration tips from our experts before you begin to migrate your Office 365 mailboxes:

Software Page: Exchange to Office 365 migration

Use the exemplary migration service and tools – it is best to use a cloud migration service to make sure that your migration is as painless as possible. This will also ensure that cloud data is kept private while being transferred.

Install and configure any necessary third-party software or plugins – in most cases; this will be required for extending support to third-party applications that you may regularly use, such as calendars or CRM solutions.

3. Schedule the migration of each mailbox individually – depending on the size of your environment, this can be a very time-consuming process and can sometimes be prone to errors if done altogether, instead of one at a time.

4. Use an online tracking tool for real-time monitoring – this is a great way to monitor progress and ensure there are no errors or issues during migration.

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