Ph.D. Dissertation Abstract and Contents

A Ph. D. paper is a letter written by Masters students expressing their dissatisfaction with the doctoral program that they participated in. It describes the reasons why the student did not proceed to the final stage of the study.

It introduces the methods used to examine a particular research problem. The write-up should provide detailed information and justify its importance. If it is a proposal, it must respond to the question in the introductory section.

There are four sections in the abstract that explain the significance of the document. They include the results, discussion, methodology, and references.

Research Methodology

The qualitative method is often used in Ph.D. dissertations to investigate specific situations and ideas. The method uses different techniques to analyze a phenomenon, concept, or organization. The student will state the materials and equipment that he will use to carry out the investigation. Finally, the conclusion summarizes the entire process and shows how the findings relate to the main focus of the paper.


This section provides observations in a real-life context. The student reports every observation and intriguing detail while providing useful information. Data collection and analysis are made when seeking to add new knowledge to an existing body of work. The result is assigned to the supervisor for further evaluation.


The discussions section allows a student to reveal any identified gaps in the scientific community and offer a solution. The discussion section is a breakdown of the purpose of the article. There are two ways of meeting your dissertation objectives.

The first one is by stating the hypothesis This approach is common in large projects that require profound exploration of certain variables. However, other researchers prefer to talk about the outcome after conducting thorough data collecting. By giving a paraphrased version of the results, the reader will know what action to take next.

To ensure the correct structure in the chapter, discuss all the research topics. Afterward, you can rewrite the main points and cite relevant sources to avoid plagiarism. Direct quotations are an excellent way to maintain the official classification. Double-check the specifications before handing in to the school.


Part of the explanation for the lack of proper citations in some schools is to remove works that have not been appropriately cited. The formatting style to follow may be requested by the master. Before submitting the assignment, always go through the instructions and be sure to adhere to them.


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