Why Should You Hire a PhD Editing Service?

PhD editing service – why bother?

A PhD thesis is different to other dissertations. The criteria for success are sometimes ill-defined so the student is left feeling worried about whether the final product is good enough.

Ultimately, your supervisor should be advising you on whether your thesis is ready for submission but you may be wondering whether your thesis is even ready to show to your supervisor!

Judging the merits of a PhD thesis is very subjective and if you show it to five academics you may well get five different opinions. However, academics (and examiners) are united in requiring a certain minimum set of requirements and if you haven’t achieved these your thesis is not yet ready to submit!

A PhD editing service studydaddy will look carefully over your thesis and check that the basic requirements have been met. A selection of these is listed below. Then an experienced PhD editing service can flag up additional issues that the examiner may pick up on. This gives you a chance to either rectify them before submission or have your counter-argument ready!

PhD editing service – the bibliography

Many PhD examiners start at the back of the thesis. The bibliography must be large enough to show extensive reading and synthesis of the literature. The references must be of a high quality and relevance. Key theories, studies and topics must be present. Finally, the references must be cited correctly. If you are not sure about the quality of your bibliography a PhD editing service can help.

PhD editing service – precise wording

A PhD student must demonstrate that they can condense complicated theories and concepts into clear wording. Jumbled paragraphs that contain too many technical terms just to make them look complicated are just not appropriate for this level of academic writing. A good PhD editing service will check the flow of the academic argument and the clarity of the writing.

PhD editing service – spelling and grammar mistakes

PhD examiners and supervisors are busy people. The last thing you should do is irritate them by leaving grammar and spelling mistakes in your thesis. They will just end up dwelling on these and miss how good the research is! Modern spell checks will pick up common words that are spelt incorrectly. However, they will not pick up the correct choice for words that sound the same e.g. ‘hear’ and ‘here’ and ‘its’ and it’s’. Also, they are not so useful for technical or scientific names such as organism names, names of chemical compounds, names of key researchers in the field and historical figures. A PhD editing service will spot these for you.

PhD editing service – weak introductions and conclusions

Many excellent PhD dissertations are let down by weak introduction and conclusion sections. A PhD editing service reads the entire thesis and is in a good position to assess whether the introduction has adequately introduced the topic and then explained how the PhD thesis fills a gap in the current knowledge of that topic. Also, having read the results and discussion, the PhD editor can provide free homework answers and comment on whether the conclusions adequately sum up the research.


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