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What's going on!? You're sharing the love like crazy on social media these last couple of days! On Twitter alone, you've tweeted about 689 times! We just want to thank you for your support and for sharing the love, like you should.Right now a referral system is being considered, that'll allow you to redeem a code after a number of friend referrals at koicreativegroup. Let us know what you think of that by voting below:Cast your vote and press results to view the results. The poll closes the next time we post to the blog, whenever that is. 


Have a continued great day!


We've added a couple of new codes to the 12 months-database, more precisely, 35.000 new codes have been added. We were starting to run out of the 12 months codes since the support and growth that has been shown to the service has been great and you guys have been claiming like crazy. The 12 months codes surveys are a little bit harder to complete since the codes are costlier for us to buy in, but that didn't seem to stop you guys.Here's a snapshot of the first ten values (codes) in the new batch:Two have already been claimed, go easy now, guys.


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