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1. Select the right content to promote

While all of the content you create should be useful, informative, and interesting, this becomes especially true as you begin to invest advertising dollars to generate content visibility. A number of factors should come into play when choosing content to promote, including budget and goals for the campaign. Typically, the smaller the budget the further down the sales funnel the campaign’s goals will be, meaning that the content needs to drive a more direct and immediate value, like a newsletter sign-up, lead, or sale.  infographics can also make for great content to promote. If you’ve spent a lot of time and effort on something that you believe has the potential to “go viral” but just can’t seem to get any traction, paid promotion may make sense. Often, these types of content just need a bit of a publicity boost to get the viral ball rolling and then the power of social media will do the rest. To get your content advertising done right visit the link Smithk Solutions

Regardless of goals or budget, your content must be relevant, valuable, and engaging. Irrelevant or uninteresting content will drive low click-through rates. In the world of paid advertising, this will end up costing you much more than just your advertising budget. 


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