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My second message about this.. Dummies.. I did read the FAQ.. Before I posted the question.. I even tried what the FAQ suggested.. But Jagexs software (and my memory) will not allow me to retrieve my password. So why do they limit your question to 400 characters? Its impossible to ask a decent question or give a decent explaination in 400 characters! The obvious answer is because they DO NOT WANT anything from you. Note: I have never been banned on Runescape under any I.D. Trying to explain to Jagex staff in a system that is not setup to accomodate communications is from users, is impossible. Whereas a Moderator (Jagex Staff) isnt restricted to this pitiful pittance. As a result Jagex basically hamstring you into not complaining! There is no way to REPLY to a moderator.. But they were only pulling my chain.. Of course you cant reply to any individual moderators.. Or even address them.. Because of the lack of advertisements, users are frequently prompted to become a premier member. With a premier membership, you can buy collectable items for your Panda, get access to more advanced Spanish lessons, and unlock certain restricted games. The premium membership costs $9.90/month. If getting your child to be strong at Spanish is your aim, a premier Panfu membership is certainly worth exploring. Panfu is aimed primarily at kids aged six years and up. Hence, the graphics in Panfu are very adorable and cute. Soft edges, bright colors, and interesting characters populate the Panfu world. The virtual world itself has a variety of settings, all of them more beautiful than the other. In other words, the graphics in Panfu are very appealing to kids of all ages. In terms of performance, Panfu runs within the browser. Since the graphics are completely 2D, the demands on your computer (and the internet connection) are not very high. Panfu does not have as many players online as say, Runescape, and their servers are more than capable of handling the load of their traffic. Consequently, there is very little down time or lag. Panfu runs smoothly even on older computers. Panfu has excellent parental controls. The language filters within the game work very well at keeping inappropriate language out, ensuring that your kids have a safe and clean chat. You can block out features or games that you think are not right for your kids. Panfu is an excellent virtual world that excels in not only giving kids a great place to hang out, but also a wonderful tool to learn the Spanish language. With versions available in different languages (including Polish, German, and Spanish), your kids will have a great time, while learning new things. When wielded with the remainder with the arranged, gamers, furthermore, obtain a particular invasion. Because performers hit items decrease, the damage caused by Dharoks Greataxe increases. When a person is a ten percent of their max well-being or lower, the particular tool will actually perform double damage-up in order to 112 injury items. Observe that when you are performing the White Guthix Rests search, the characters ability is going to be increased for you to 255. While this will allow with regard to Dharoks Greataxe heading to for more than 260 harm, the particular gamblers hit points tend to be automatically renewed to 255 whenever they acquire broken. Which means that you will never conclude ten percent involving wellbeing, so the great axe wont try this quite a bit of harm. As with every tool, Dharoks Greataxe can weaken after a while. It is going to decrease through Totally for you to 70 using to employ, after that degrade even further. To mend the idea, you must check out the Tindel Product owner positioned in Vent Khazard or even check out Bobs axes throughout Lumbridge. Gaming is a huge industry and one which has a lot of potential to grow and become something big. Gaming was introduced around two or three decades ago as a promotional aspect with a computer and were marketed as the perfect tools for a relaxing and also marketed primarily as a recreational tool. The earliest games were highly basic and did not include high end graphics and high levels of investments as the games of today are used to having. The introduction of the internet took the world by storm and the gaming sector has profited largely through internet. One of the most popular types of gaming is the online multiplayer games. These games are really popular owing to their wide field of playing and also because of the thrill associated with pitting an individuals wits against another individual sitting in a completely different continent. One of the most successful online games undoubtedly has been Jagexs Runescape. Runescape is a massive online multiplayer RPG or role playing game and Runescape is said to be the second most popular online multiplayer RPG in the world. Custom servers


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