With more than 144 million copies sold, it is the second best-ever video game to be ever sold. If you would like more versions to be added, please say so in a comment. If youd like to check what servers are blocked, click the link below. The process involves going to the texture packâs website, downloading the texture pack relating to the current Minecraft version of the FTB modpack (as modpacks are always behind) and downloading a specialized pack to cover the modpackâs various textures. FTB is otherwise free to download and free to play. On this tutorial Ill explain how to play in Battle Mode & set up the Automatic Battle System. But most players would be annoyed by this, and would like to just join their favourite servers to play on them. The Yogscast Youtube group have their own modpack called YogCraft which other players might enjoy if they watch the video series and like the mods included. minecraft server list


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