While this is not the first Minecraft-hosted festival to hit the scene, Rave Family Block Fest is by far the biggest and most ambitious of the bunch. The lineup poster has more text on it than some short stories, but while reading you might have noticed that there are no tiers, phases, or headliners and that every act is in alphabetical order and sized the same. McGuireâs kids, like many around the world, are big fans of Minecraft. The merger between two powerhouses that are Lego and Minecraft is not an event that happens every day. With an extensive background in both the technology and the EDM industries, McGuire and co. are no strangers to both URL and IRL events. When speaking on why she started Rave Family, McGuire explained how going to festivals opened up her worldview and helped her to meet new people. Due to frequent crashes, McGuire moved their server to the cloud, which inspired a bold idea to host a little event in the game. Considering their parents are technical wizards, they had their very own server to play with their friends on. Mastrz


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