Best Tips and Tricks About Ping Pong

1. Master The Basics

Like any other sport, mastering the basics of table tennis will get you past the toughest opponents. Take the time to learn how to grip your paddle  properly  , how to move your feet, and learn the different spin effects. Identify your weak points and constantly practice until they become strengths.

2. Spin Is Your Best Friend

Learning how to use spin is difficult, but it’s often the key to beating any player at any skill level. Understand how spin affects your return and you’ll soon learn how to counter it.

Here are some pointers you can use immediately:

– Keep an eye on your opponent’s paddle as they return the ball, because it will bounce off in the same direction when you touch it with your racket.

– Check how fast the logo on the ball is spinning to gauge its speed. If the logo is blurry, then that means the spin will have a greater effect, and vice versa.

– When the opponent’s paddle is moving low to high, then it’s a topspin. Opponent’s paddle is moving high to low, then it’s a backspin. Left to right, it’s a right sidespin, etc.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

There is no substitute for practice, and you should do it as much as you can between competitive matches. This time should be spent overcoming glaring weaknesses you may have or developing your strengths and making it an overwhelming part of your table tennis game. Remember that when you practice you want to improve, but when you are playing in tournaments you want to win.

You can play practice games to develop a new tactic or integrate a new skill you’ve learned into your repertoire. It’s also essential to watch yourself play. This way you can clearly see what mistakes you are making and quickly correct them.

4. Serve The Right Way

Serves are an integral part of table tennis. If you haven’t thought of using serves as a tactic to gain an edge over your opponent, use it now. An excellent serve can win you the point, and sometimes the game! There are a lot of ways you can serve.


Short serves are perhaps the best method because it makes it very hard for your opponent to gain any kind of advantage. Always keep your wrists relaxed if you’re going for spin and try to move your hand faster at the end of the stroke to increase the ball’s spin. You can also mix and match serves to keep your opponent guessing.


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