mcnames You are supposed to build your own home on a virtual land by using 3D blocks, some more resources and most importantly your creativity. On Varunas commissioning page, the rate for a build starts at $999. Sulikowski tells me that builds like the City of Orario would be in the price range of around $4,000 to $5,000. Sulikowski is pretty open about how much their builds cost, and its in the thousands. Features like building interiors, and how much vertical space you use drive the price up, so if you wanted floating cities with majestic interiors accompanied by a flying dragon-thats going to dramatically increase the cost. I joke to Sulikowski about watching the entire anime series as research, but he surprises me by saying that it was actually part of the process. Luckily, some companies have taken stops to offer hosting services that simplify the process of running a private or public server. Weâve done all the hard work by configuring the Server & the other services, and setting everything up in a repeatable format to get you up and running with minimal effort.


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