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www.citizensnpcs.net Countries across the globe are encouraging people to stay indoors to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Governments have taken a new approach with young, first-offender hackers, in the hopes of rehabilitating them and recruiting them to help defend against future attacks. Create makeshift TNT boxes and place them everywhere the area. After all, customization is probably what got you interested in hosting your own server in the first place. Sulikowski was in high school when he first heard about the Minecraft building community. But he soon realised that juggling both school and a growing Minecraft business would be difficult. This was the first time he had experienced Minecraft as a business opportunity. Varuna is one such team, a business made up of 34 members, who get paid to craft spectacular creations for their clients. Their work is spectacular and a testament to what a group of dedicated creators can do with Minecrafts toolset.


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