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Create a character of the opposite faction and go to one of their auction houses, then compare the price of high volume items there against the prices in the auction houses of your faction. I have suggested something similar to the Nightmare Zone in the past but even that doesnt completely compare to the feature in Runescape, which WoW is quite capable of recreating accurately. Even if you are new to the restaurant industry, you need to be aware of the nuts and bolts of it to a fair level at least in order to figure the needs that are to be implemented in your eatery. Much like the Nightmare Zone, difficulty options are a fairly good idea, though even with the scaling mechanics WoW has, implementing higher difficulties that scale various bosses up a lot may be time-consuming to do. To be fair, there are features in WoW that have some aspects of the Nightmare Zone that are somewhat comparable, such as the gauntlet of enemies players have to fight in Endless Proving Grounds.


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