Once you have the item you want to enchant and the Lapis Lazuli placed in the Enchantment Table, youll have three enchantment options to choose from. The Enchantment Table works in a similar way to the regular crafting table but youll need one additional resource in order to start enchanting - Lapis Lazuli. Youll need to gather two diamonds, four obsidian blocks, and one book in order to make one. Youâve now completed part one Part 1 of this series. A Boy Made Of Blocks has now become a best-seller and is sold in 25 countries. Books can be crafted with paper and leather or obtained by destroying bookcases, which are often found inside villagers houses. This is usually found in deeper caverns and mines and only requires a stone pickaxe to harvest. If you need help locating the materials, diamonds are usually found far underground and youll need an iron pickaxe (or better) to mine them. minecraft servers


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