offtopichut You had to know that this will make the list, it will make any survival games on PS4 list, sure itâs getting old and I donât play it anymore the only reason I am adding it again is the total freedom you can enjoy, though if you have played it before, I will recommend you only get this when you have extra players, this game can be enjoyed in split screen and that I pretty much the only reason why I added it. If you have never played Fallout 4 on survival mode or never played Fallout 4 at all, then I would advise you to get it or start a new game on Survival Mode, itâs an absolute blast, itâs much harder than simply playing the game, with many survival features added. The missions are fun nothing to hard unless unprepared, having a good base, enough food, clean water and you will have no problems with this game, its maybe a little hard if you rush into a bunch of enemies and those zombie-like creatures start to gang up on you, running away might be your only option there.


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