Option to replace the standard hard-drive with a SSD for no extra cost (it has a small capacity, but we dont need that much for a Minecraft server unless you plan on having multiple huge maps). Striders can also be bred with warped fungus, if you want multiple. Also, its pretty cheap to add an extra hard-drive for backup if you want. Tip: Get something with an online backup option, or at least backup your files onto your computer whenever possible because you never know when disaster will strike. This will make a quick lookup and return a list of potential servers for you to play on.The servers presented will be sorted by number of votes received this month. Your server will be online and accessible round the clock if theres a 100 percent network uptime guarantee from the server company. We also frequently replenish our source of free minecraft account to guarantee 100% rate of success with regards to confirming itâs genuineness. therobinsonsmusic


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