CCleaner for Windows

If your computer is starting to run slow then it is time that you were thinking of tuning it. CCleaner is an excellent and free application that you can use to speed up the performance of your computer and it is one of the tools that I use when performing health checks on my customer's computers. If you have had Windows installed on your computer for quite some time and have installed and uninstalled lots of applications, it is likely that your registry is also in need of a fine tune and this is another function of CCleaner. CCleaner will also help you to find free space on your computer by cleaning the recycle bin, memory dumps, file fragments, log files, system caches, application data, and various other data from your computer. The above is a process that you could easeally make a mistake in and do some damage to your computer, registry and your important data. This is why it is good when companies like the people at CCleaner come out and provide these nice free applications for us to use. I advise you to run CCleaner with the default settings if you are planning on using it to tune your PC. To download CCleaner go to this website. CCleaner for Windows is just one of the many tools that you can use to improve the performance of your computer you should also think of defragging your computer. This will help improve the all round performance. Be sure to give the developers of this application a donation if you like what they are doing and you think they should keep producing excellent software like this.



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