Heal through Hypnothesis

According to the campaign, the watch will hypnotherapy the wearer into being more confident by sending subliminal messages that constantly tell him how cool and confident he is. 

Scanning the Indiegogo page, a few things leap out as crowdfunding red flags, such as the fact that the product photo is a Photoshopped version of the GT08 Apple Watch clone, and there is no mention of a prototype or testing of the hypnosis technology. But, while the product campaign looks suspicious, the psychology behind it could actually work, according to David Keatley, lecturer in psychology at University of Lincoln in the UK, who specialises in hypnosis. 


"It's all about your belief system. This is a large part of hypnosis -- your beliefs. If you believe hypnosis will work, it will work," he said in an email. 

"This is also the placebo effect. If you think something will help, it will help. We are hypothesis supporters -- we form a hypothesis 'this watch will work.' Then we do all we can to prove it: 'See, that girl just looked at me'; 'see, that girl just smiled at me'; 'see, I can speak to women now.' Anyone that has ever had a 'lucky X' (whatever X is) can testify to this bias. We do well because of our lucky mascot? No, we do well because we believe we will."


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