How to Write an Essay Step-by-Step?

Essay writing is considered to be one the most dreaded task by students from all academic levels. I have always had a difficult time with such writing assignments until I discovered the easy steps to write an essay. Most of the students get assistance from 'write my essay' service.

Everything gets simpler when you follow a logical flow and do everything on time. Here are the basic steps you must follow when crafting your essay, making the writing process easier.

Understand the Question and Requirements

The first step of writing is to completely understand what you are asked to do. There are different types of essays and all of them are written in a different way and serve a unique purpose. You must fully understand the type of paper you are assigned to do and then plan accordingly.

Search for a Topic

Once you are aware of the type of essay, the subject and word count requirements it gets easier to decide on a topic. Look for different options on the internet, existing papers, or brainstorm with your friends. Just make sure that the topic you are writing on is something that you are genuinely interested in and it is unique enough to impress the teacher.

Do your Research

You can’t write an entire essay on something that you don’t have any information on. Invest a good amount of time conducting thorough research on your topic. Only take data from credible sources such as academic journals, articles, books, etc., avoid websites such as Wikipedia.

Develop the Thesis

The thesis statement is an integral part of your essay; it states the overall purpose and the main argument. It is used to help the reader get an idea of what to expect from the essay. Remember, that the claim you make in your thesis has to be justified with the help of authentic audience in the essay.

Craft an Outline

Having a defined outline helps organize ideas, making it easier to present the necessary information. Divide the essay into three different sections introduction, body and conclusion. Each of them will contain the following elements:


  • Hook
  • Background information on the topic
  • Thesis statement

Body paragraph

  • Topic statement
  • Explanation
  • Evidence


  • Summarize the main points
  • Restate the thesis statement
  • Call to action

Revise and Edit

Never submit any piece of writing or work before going through it once. Make sure that the paper is completely error-free and contains no trace of plagiarism. Cite all of your sources using the correct format to avoid plagiarism.

Some students will still have difficulty creating quality content because they don’t possess good writing skills. If you suffer from it as well, there’s a simple solution for you. Get in touch with a 'write my essay for me' service and let the professionals help you out.


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