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Door jamb and arch moulding comprises, from intrados: hollow chamfer, hollow chamfer, right-angled rebate, quadrant, quadrant. The hood comprises, from outward in: frontal fillet, frontal fillet, hollow chamfer.

Square label of ogee headed light. From the outside inward the moulding comprises: frontal fillet, hollow chamfer, quadrant, hollow chamfer.

Moulding of jamb, arch and hood. From intrados, moulding comprises: hollow chamfer, quadrant, hollow chamfer. The hood comprises: ogee, hollow chamfer, with a frontal fillet. This tomb niche is similar to examples at Ennis, Adare Franciscan, Adare Augustinian, Askeaton, Lislaughtin, Abbeydorney and Kilconnell.

Door jamb, arch and hood of the detatched castle chapel. Jamb and arch moulding from intrados comprise: hollow chamfer, right-angled rebate, quadrant. The hood, which is placed at some distance from the jamb, comprises from outside in: frontal fillet, hollow chamfer, right-angled rebate, hollow chamfer.

Jamb arch and hood moulding. From intrados, jamb moulding comprises:quadrant, hollow chamfer, quadrant. The splayed jamb and hood are separated by a small hollow. The hood, from outside in, comprises: angle-fillet, angle-fillet, angle-fillet, angle-fillet.

Square label of east window. Moulding from exteral to internal face comprises: frontal fillet, roll, roll.

Hood moulding of tomb niche. From upper face down and inward the moulding comprises frontal fillet, quadrant, hollow chamfer, flat surface.

Door jamb and arch moulding and hood, from intrados moulding comprises: quadrant, hollow chamfer, roll-and-fillet, hollow chamfer, quadrant. The hood comproses: hollow and angle-fillet.

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