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(handwritten on back of image): Amiens (Somme): Cathedral: detail of stalls, Moses and his mother (MH36135/34850)

(handwritten on back of image): Amiens (Somme): Cathedral: stalls: detail, Moses distributes wheat (7H56131/3H850)

(handwritten on back of image): Chezal-Benoit (Cher): Eglise: devant d'autel en pierre sculpte: John (palm, beardless); James I (lg. sword); Peter (key and rather lg. hand cross); John; Christ on cross; Mary; Paul; Andrew (hand cross); Bartholomew (knife) (MH21906/34894)

(handwritten on back of image): Lynde (Nord): Jube en bois: 1. (blank) 2. (blank) 3. John 4. Andrew 5. Matthew 6. Paul/Coronation 7. Peter 8. Bartholomew 9. James I 10. Thomas 11. Simon 12. Jude (MH10322/34850)

(handwritten on back of image): Ploudiry (Finistere): jube en bois (see C. Arch. 1914, p. 125, Eglise la Roche-Maurice) (MH58149/34850)

(handwritten on back of image): Charlieu (Loire): eglise de St. Philibert: peinture du dos de stalle: detail (MH157061/34894)

(handwritten on back of image): Vend??me (Loire-et-Cher): eglise de la Trinite: stalle: detail: miserichord visage (MH46710/34894)

(handwritten on back of image): Priziac (Morbiham): Chapelle de St. Nicholas, XVI (Peter, Andrew, James, John, Thomas, (?), Matthew, (?), simon, Jude, Matthias) (MH65316/34850)

(handwritten on back of image): 68.10, Lambader (Finistere): Chapel: Angel/Annunciation on S. side of entranceway to rood screen (jube)

(handwritten on back of image): 68.11, Lambader (Finistere): Chapel: BVM of the Annunciation on N. side of entranceway in rood screen (jube)

(handwritten on back of image): Lambader (Finistere): jube: cote de l'escalier (bois) (MH86267/34850)

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